Our Approach

MEIHUNT is not about the money or the business.

It’s about the passion, positive vibes and the willingness to give without expecting to take back.

It’s about the unique feeling that you have when you see a person progressing in his/her career and you know that you ‘ve been a part of this journey.

Most importantly, it’s about the empathy and the feeling of belonging that you bring to someone that just lost his job, and you are there to support and to hold the space for him/her, so that he/she can recover and seek for the next chapter in life.

There is one reason that brings people to us. Trust.

They know that what they are going to disclose to us will be kept as a secret and they also know that what we are going to tell them is only the truth.

Good or bad it does not matter, because this is how they are going to move on. Life is sometimes tough, it happens to all, but only if you go through the hard part you will get to the next level, and you will discover that you are then stronger and ready to advance.

Our Clients, choose us because we are clean cut.

We don’t like excuses. We work hard to identify the right candidates and most of the times we think “out of the box” and we have to go “the extra mile” in order to make a person see, what we see. This is why in Talent Hunting projects we are incompetent.

We will search everywhere, ask people who you would never imagine to check and find candidates that they wouldn’t even dare to think about a career move. And we are so successful because we love what we do, and people see it. We create a personal touch with each person we meet, because every person is unique.

MEIHUNT’s team was formed step by step, from people that had the right DNA, meaning values, attitude, perception of life and love and passion to give and to develop themselves.

Each member of our team is complementary to others and all together we work to achieve our targets. We are as flexible and agile as we can be, offering our services with respect and dignity to our clients and candidates. But first and foremost we respect our team and we are one for all.