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We are a boutique executive search firm specializing in Talent Management

MEIHUNT is an elite executive search firm specializing in Talent Management including Executive Search, Executive Market Mappings, Coaching for Leadership Development and Career Transition.

Our mission is to build partnerships for the long-term success of our clients by providing  attention, accessibility and advice. We pride ourselves on being a valuable partner in executive search, and professional placements, as well as in assisting companies to implement top talent retention strategies. We believe that each assignment is critical, each client is valuable, and each candidate is unique. As a result, we are passionate client advocates committed to helping our clients and candidates achieve success.

MEIHUNT was found in 2016 from Katerina Meimaroglou as a result of her love and passion about executive search. Katerina brings an international flair in the business as was raised and lived in many countries. She was born in Paris, her father is half Swiss in nationality and she lived in Greece, England, Switzerland, Paris and the US. Her commitment to achieve and her high standards of service were proven early stage in her career through sound multinational organizations and leaded her way to establish accordingly her own Company with similar “look and feel”.

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Our story

  • One year after the establishment of MEIHUNT, through a reference from Turkey, Katerina was approached by IRC Global Executive Search Partners, and following an assessment period she was offered the representation of IRC for Greece.
  • Since then, the international journey started and in 2017, MEIHUNT’s team went to the Global IRC Conference I Shanghai to present itself. In the following years, MEIHUNT kept growing and flourishing in the Greek and international markets and in the critical years of 2020 and 2021 under the pandemic and all relevant restrictions, MEIHUNT was awarded the Business Development Award for two consecutive years and Katerina was elected as Executive Board Member.
  • In 2022 there was an important milestone since IRC was named Kestria and started reviewing the Global Strategy to meet the demands of both member firms and clients.
  • In November 2023 Katerina was re-elected and appointed President of the Executive Board.


Today, MEIHUNT is focused on expanding to the Greek territory in the fields of Health and Life Sciences, Consumer & Retail, Energy, Construction & Infrastructure, Industrial/production, Technology & Professional Services. Our team is represented by Sofia-Afroditi Voulgaraki in the Health and Life Sciences and Technology Kestria Practice Groups and Katerina, who leads Globally the Consumer & Retail Practice Group of Kestria.

Our Founder

Katerina Meimaroglou

President of Kestria & Founder of MEIHUNT

Katerina’s principal activity is focused on proactive identification, assessment and selection of C-Suite talented Leaders, Directors and Managers on behalf of her clients.

“We embrace the impossible, because solving the impossible has become one of our greatest assets.”

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Our Team

Our team consists of experienced members with knowledge and values to support our work with professionalism and responsibility.

We relish our regular 
face-to-face meetings, building relationships through hard work.

Please feel free to reach out and share how we can assist you in addressing your talent needs.

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