A Customized plan following a major career change

Career transition and guidance are essential aspects of professional development, especially in a rapidly changing job market. 

For most employers, especially those who represent an international organization based in Greece, having to lay-off C-Suite Executives, Directors or Managers due to Company re-organization, is a very serious issue that they should approach with respect and dignity.

They need to ensure that these people are taken care of, not only in terms of compensation but also in terms of supporting them to identify their next step in  their career.

The Career transition services are delivered through individual one-on-one sessions. Topics include career guidance, career evaluation, job search skills, targeting the job market, resume writing, interview preparation, developing networks, and negotiations with employers.

Apart from assessing the current situation, we offer:


Face to face coaching that goes far beyond any traditional outplacement program in the market and has unlimited impact to the person.


Most of our Executives you’ll hear them say that is “life changing” and although we never promise someone that we will find him/her a job, in most cases they are employed in the first three months of our cooperation.

Navigating your unique path

There is no ‘one-program fits all’  Career Transition, because simply every person is unique. The more Senior the Executive is, the more complex the project gets, because the variables are different and the priorities as well.

In order to take the Executives out of their daily routine we offer them the choice of joining one of our two innovative clubs for the first three sessions, in order to build rapport with them and to help them navigate easily from the past to the future. These are: The Green Walks, Park or Mountain or The Barefoot Club, close to the sea.

It is an elite program designed together with the Executive to meet its need and personal aspirations.

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