Marios Vogiatzis

  • Kestria Greece Training and Development Manager

Marios Vogiatzis is a behavior analyst and the founder of the Body Language Institute in Greece.

He holds a degree in Business and a MSc in Human Behavior Analysis. He is certified as a Human Behavior Analyst, Lie Detection Expert, Nonverbal Behavior Expert, Certified Negotiator, and adult trainer and he has over 25 years experience in business in Greece and abroad, always in positions of high responsibility by participating in various negotiations in Europe and in the Middle East.

In MEIHUNT he delivers specialized training programs at entrepreneurs and high-level business executives on Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Negotiation, Lie Detection in Business Environment and Interviewing Tactics (negotiations, recruitment, etc.).

He has served as a TEDx speaker and a permanent member of the TEDxMaviliSquare speaker selection and training committee at TEDxMaviliSquare.

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