Creative solutions for complex industry challenges

MEIHUNT follows a head-hunting methodology that can apply to all N-2 levels of an organization, N being the CEO.

As long as we have a specific client brief for a position, we design the strategy and the targeted audience in order to identify the best fit.

One of our strong competitive advantage is that we do not advertise our positions. We search through credible references to reach the candidates.
As a result, we remain focused and committed to the end result, without wasting time on people that we don’t know.

Having said that, we are proud to have a proven specialization at the following Industries:

Health and Life Sciences, Consumer & Retail, Energy, Construction & Infrastructure, Industrial/Production, Technology & Professional Services mainly from International Corporations operating in Greece.

Our expertise comes from the years of experience we have been searching in these fields and from the trust that we have gained from the executives that we have interviewed. Kestria has more than 10 Practice Groups that are specialized in the market, so in cooperation with them we can serve any client need in our territory.

Apart from the Industry expertise, we bring sound functional specialization experience such as:

  • 01Human Resources
  • 02Marketing
  • 03Finance
  • 04IT
  • 05Sales
  • 06Commercial
  • 07Operations in middle and Senior Management

We know what business looks like in similar organizations so we can sense the cultural fit and the DNA of a Company to align with the “right fit” of the candidates we are going to present.

When it comes to matching the personality and fit in a position, we can read between the Lines what is important even if it cannot being said, because we’ve been in your shoes.

MEIHUNT consultants have gained professional experience in international organizations so they can serve best the most demanding requirements.