Executive Mapping

A Private Executive Mapping in a selected market territory

The Executive Mapping project is a newly established innovative and tailormade product

that comes to serve the needs of even the most demanding clients. It was initially designed for international clients who wanted to have a ‘reality check’ and to benchmark the market of executives offer in a specific territory versus the executives that were employed at that time in their organization.

The Executive Market Mapping is a proactive search project that refers to an extended mapping of the territory of interest (i.e. Level : C-Suite,  Directory or Managerial) or mapping of expertise (Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Retail … etc.)

We run mapping projects proactively in order to identify the talents and the high potential candidates in the industry. In this way we are ready when the need from a client comes to serve faster, as we are ready.

In terms of methodology,  mapping potential candidates for a position involves identifying and assessing individuals who possess the qualifications, and attributes needed for a specific role. This process is crucial for effective talent acquisition and recruitment.

The Mapping research will be directed to talents who have a proven track record and capability of matching most of the characteristics needed and fit to the job profile and the Company culture and values.

Executive Mapping is a strictly confidential process that has become for MEIHUNT a strategic priority.